The weather played ball again. Cape Town and Wednesdays have an agreement it seems to forbid rain, and thankfully the wind too was banished.  This made for a great evening as we headed out from work to Killarney for an evening of speed. We made good time to the track and were nice and warm before the start, which was nice and prompt so we could use every last ray available!

The pace was nice and fast, consistent attacks made sure there was no idling and the lack of wind made sure the breaks were brought back each time. Things were looking good for a nice fast finish, I’d done a bit of work to bring back a break and tried to get away once too, after that I sat in for two laps to recover a bit for the sprint.

On the last lap, the worst thing that you’d never expect reared its ugly head on the last bend. Alex and I were both firing, and sitting pretty about 8 wheels back, I shifted gears and climbed into the drops, but the mass of disaster we had now caught for the 2nd time was about to cause chaos.

We had managed to catch the +1 group on the final bend, they took up two thirds of the available racetrack and there were twenty or more members of the elites spearheading through them at over 60 km/h. There was precious little space and I lost out, I allowed Alex through but suffered as the +1’s drifted around like deer, stunned in the headlights, and being commanded by the generals at Daiken wasnt having any effect.

LEFT…LEEEEEEEEFFFT!!!!! aparently doesn’t mean all that much and I got blocked as I tried to round them along the wall with the rest of the crew. There was no space left and I lost touch and rythm for an instant, that was all it took and I was off the back and watched as the rest powered away.

The ride home was good, the pace was high ,and there was a good deal of fuel in my fire to sit on front all night, turns out I had the brightest headlight, so it went that way anyhow, the time on front was calming and gave me time to reflect.

I have got to be more ruthless, no more giving up wheels and places here and there…every inch counts from now and you’ll have to pry my pedals out of your shins to get by.