On Friday we went for a spin on the road bikes, Rob and James have joined Christo and me and we head for the Hills. It’s a perfect day for a ride and I’m in a jovial mood and playing the fool.

We’re going up southern cross drive and I’m climbing like Contador, standing and swaying as he does, Christo is up ahead and dropping us. So I cruise up to him and then as I’m passing him I sit upright and rigid like I’m hardly making an effort… he laughs. I pop a little wheelie behind him and decide it would be funny to pass Christo on the back wheel. I forget that I’m on a road bike and I’m holding the tops and I kick the wheel up and wheelie huge…but too far and I’m snatching for the rear brake to bring me down but they are nowhere near my hands and I sail over backwards still clipped in. OUCH!! My ass is as bruised as my ego as I get to my feet in the middle of the road.

I’ve banged my elbow and hit my left cheek square on the tarmac. I need to straighten my handlebars but cant see any other damage – I am very relieved to see that there is not a scratch on my paintwork and my stupid self has taken the hit. I get back on my bike and hide the pain coming from my rear end and try to laugh… but I’m suspicious there is more damage. We cruise around the normal loop, and do a little climbing at a moderate pace, then head off home.

An inspection at home reveals my saddle is grazed but that’s it… lucky let off I think.