On Saturday morning just Christo and I make the ride. We’re back out on the road bikes and we choose to go around the peninsula but for a change and because of the breeze we head down Kommetjie road and over Ocean View Drive towards Scarborough…

Christo has promised not to laugh at my crash…and I vow not to piss about this time.

My legs still have the same lameness I’ve had all week and Christo being out of touch is actually helping me slow down, not that I can go any faster than we’re going, but I need to try pedal past this dragging feeling I have. as we turn towards misty cliffs the wind clips us a bit, it’s a stiff little breeze but nothing major, add the slight rise to red hill triangle and it’s getting tougher. We stand most of the way up, and then when we hit Red hill from the back we apply the pressure even more.

Nothing is ever said, but a strange feeling comes over me, and I guess Christo too, as we hit a climb. We immediately settle into a steady climbing rhythm faster than the pace has been all day. It’s race mode.  He’s on my wheel and I can hear him breathing, I’m watching my power meter and trying to hold stead at a little over 300W. This climb feels like it goes on forever, I feel like slowing down but I cant, a quick look and he’s glued to my tail. Nearing top summit I push a bit harder on the pedals to see if I can make him crack early, I can see his shadow and he standing behind me…I’m still seated which is a good sign for me. I see his front wheel draw alongside me and I’m close enough now to kick out and over the top, I stand and Christo accelerates, but he doesn’t have the answers and I pull clear a few lengths clear.

We cruise downhill, and enjoy the rest of the ride home via main road… Christo spots the Lab group along the roadworks on Main Road and heads back for more mileage with them. I’ve got to get home. My bike is not set up the way I want it and it’s irking me. I spend some time setting it up right as I get home and feel better.