Tuesday was track night. I was apprehensive  for this meeting because of the crash last time out causing serious injury to some riders and putting them out of action for some time.

I was relieved to see a bit less participants, it would mean the elimination would be a bit shorter and hopefully a bit less chaotic.

I started off with a warm up for about 40 mins, then signed up for the 1km time trial – I dont know why I did because only three guys including me were stupid enough to put our names down. By the second lap I was tired, and hating life by lap three and down the back straight on the last lap I swear I was seeing stars – something I haven’t done in a long time! I clocked a respectable 1 min 19.2 and was beaten by the experienced trackie with a time of 1min 18.7 …

Then it was Keirin time and this was my first go at chasing a scooter. You start by drawing a number, that detirmines how far up the track you start and to a certain degree how far behind the scooter you will be, best is to be two back from the rear mudguard… I drew fifth but started well and slid into third… the scooter rides in front and sets the pace higher and higher each lap, then after four laps pulls off…then the fun starts… I got squeezed to fourth and quickly to fifth with some elbowing involved… on the last lap everyone sprints and the top three go through to the final. I made a good dash to the line and got 2nd. Louis, my team mate in the first heat, had won by a long way so we’d both go through.

I sat around waiting for the 10km points race but missed the announcement of the change in program and sat that one out involuntarily 😦

I did the elimination instead of the points race and faced my fear. It went quite well, but I got popped out about  two thirds through the field. Every two laps the last guy gets eliminated – Devil takes hindmost – and with about 9 guys left it was my turn 😦

Since the Devil was a good few laps I was quite poked and cooked up a plan to launch Louis in the Keirin final… as soon as the scooter came off I went for it…I busted lungs for about 2 laps before they caught me on the back straight, but it had worked – by me riding away it forced the other teams to chase and Louis could sit in and wait without doing the chasing… he did well to finish 3rd and get us some point against the 2 top sprinters in the league.

Talking tactics
Talking Tactics