It was very chilly this morning, clear and crisp. I donned my knee length tights, arm warmers and jacket and wore a cap for the chill through my helmet.  We set off to meet Christo and headed up the mountain.

I set the pace intent on doing a good mast climb time, and from the gate the pedals were whirring away. A nice steady climb tempo warmed us up nicely. Christo looked to be tired from the previous days efforts and lagged behind but Rob was right on par. We stopped at the first plateau and I could take off my jacket, the air was warmer higher up. Christo rejoined and we set off again.

Over the top singletrack level and again on the flats I tried to up the pace a bit, but got stopped in my tracks by a rather large porcupine, it was still dark and he ran from my right to left and I slammed on anchors to avoid hitting him, his spines facing directly at my face! I narrowly missed him and my front wheel could only have been a few centimeters away…

Rob and Christo caught up and we got going again. A little further up I waited again on the tar start to the mast, Christo and Rob were feeling it and decided to ease up, I was feeling good and cracked on relentlessly. The lungs burned and the legs were echoing the same sentiment and I had to maintain focus and not let up, riding alone it’s difficult not to give in to the pain, but I managed to convince myself to carry on at the same tempo. The sun was coming and the early morning haze looked stunning as I skirted along the face on the final climbing section.

I clocked a 51:14 secs and was a bit disappointed, I was hoping for a sub 50 but I know I can make up the minute on the lower gravel section.

I stopped for a while at the top and breathed deeply, lungs and heart pounding in my chest, I felt so alive.

Race the Sun to the Top

I put on my jacket and turned for the fun part, going down was chilly but fast and fun, ooops late for work! 🙂