I thought I’d go way left field for the latest additions to roll on, and since my groupset is Sram Red I had some hesitations but ended up pulling the trigger on 2 pairs of Campagnolo wheels!

To train on I got a pair of Shamal Ultra 2 way fit wheels, I contemplated saving some cash and going for the Eurus, but I’m a carbon addict and the hubs just called out to me. They are great looking wheels and I have always loved the G3 lacing on the rear. They are super stiff and should last forever. I plan on utilizing the 2 way fit tubeless functionality and the guys at Specialized are pulling some strings to get me some of the S-Works Turbo tubeless tires. Then I can do a review on the road tubeless trend, I am hoping for good things as I have heard the rolling resistance is much lower than standard tubed tires.

I haven’t ridden much on these as they only arrived late Friday, and moving to Campy wasn’t without its hiccups, but once they are sorted then it’s plain sailing. I had to switch out my 11-23 Sram cassette as they don’t fit the new Shimano bodies from Campy. I could have got an older version to work but in steel they are 41g heavier. The weenie in me opted for a change in cassette rather and I got a great deal on a Dura Ace 7900 version for the race wheels, and shaved off another 30g – No harm there!! For the Shamals I got an Ultegra 6700 cassette which comes in exactly the same weight as the Force cassette I was using. It bothers me a little that my group is a little “multi-cultural” but I’ll get over it.

For racing I found a pair of Campagnolo Bora Ultra wheels in superb condition. They were a spare set for a lady doing Ironman so they have only seen 200km of riding. These also needed a tweak as the body was campy and came with a record cassette. A quick call to the kind folks at J&J Cycling and the new body was on it’s way, ready for the DA cassette to go onto. The new Challenge Criterium tires I got will be mounted this week.

The Bora’s were noticeably firmer than the Easten tempest II’s I had, and the rim profile is slightly shallower by 8mm but weigh in almost exactly the same at 1300g. I liked the deeper rim but these 50mm wheel should handle the Cape wind better. In the race they were superb and I never had to think twice about them, they did as they were told and my group shifted perfectly. Since I won the race and it came down to a sprint, I could say yeah it was the wheels, but I dont know… there was no perceiveable flex in them though, no brake pads touching and I didnt even open the brake blocks.

They are fast and it doesn’t hurt to look good too!