So the fine folks at Ortega helped me into some awesome shades for racing and training now that summer is here. They are Italian style at its best so they don’t just look good but they do the business too.

I chose the Salice (pronounced sa -lee-chee) model simply called the “006” in white frames with red lenses, and I got a pair of green lenses too for some added style options on race day.

They come in a pimp looking white hard shell case and there a clear lens included as well. There is no bag, but you do get a wipe to clean the lenses with. In the box there is space for a spare lens and the full shades quite comfortably.

They slide on very easily and don’t pressure your temples but still cling to your face with a decent grip when worn. When placed on top of your head though they are a bit loose so beware of them falling off (I don’t have much hair to hold them up), and I need to find a good position in my helmet for them still. The arc in the arms means you have got to insert them upside down, but that’s the done thing and I am not one for removing my shades while riding anyway so it doesn’t bother me at all. I have taken a few miggies in the eyes and I’m not keen to repeat that ordeal.

The vision through the lenses is crystal clear with more than enough ventilation and a decent lens wrap and depth means nowhere for light to sneak through. My eyes are pretty sensitive so I like a really dark lens and these iridium lenses are not exactly the darkest, but the anti-glare and light transmission through these is really good. They are not too dark but still offer plenty of protection. These feel feathery light too…a win for weenies.

Overall they are well worth the investment (which is substantially less than the big O, and Rudy) and you get a lot of value for your hard earned cash 🙂

Salice 006
Looking Good!