My old compression pant have seen better days and I’ve had them over 2 years since Epic way back in 2008, technology has moved on and it was time for an upgrade…

I’ve had the New Balance compression pants for about 3 weeks now and I have been impressed with them from day one. Yes they work… I can feel a lot more compression than my older Linebreak pants. They are paneled to fit specific zones and target muscle groups and you know where these are supposed to go when you pull them on.

Firstly I tried a large but they were fairly roomy so I got a Medium. Holy Moly these are tight! They actually require a specific method to put them on and all in place they are so tight. They don’t stretch in every direction, but rather have a directional weave so you cant just power them on like a gorilla, you have to roll them up and slide them on properly to get them in place. Once they are on though they are remarkably comfortable and you can feel them going to work on your tired muscles.

I wouldn’t be able to run (not that I run) in these, maybe if you got a size bigger then for sure, but I only wear mine post exercise. The waist band is good and wide and has a lot of grippy gel spots so they don’t move, it’s maybe a bit tight on me, but I’m not supermodel thin so I deal with it to get the benefit on my legs rather 🙂

I specifically used them after the Durbanville race, to recover for the Criterium. In the crit I went away from the SV’s on lap two and held it for over 10 minutes alone. So yeah, they must have done me some good. The results speak for themselves, a day after a 90km rolling road race where we averaged 40kph and the very next day I was able to get 2nd, 5th,  1st and 7th in the primes and final sprint respectively. That’s extremely valuable as I picked up 8 bonus seconds.

They are available from NB stores at about R650 odd and they have tops too!