After damaging my Toupe team saddle by almost catastrophically injuring myself and my ability to procreate again… I ordered a new S-Works Toupe.

Oh My…it arrived in this gift box with Ltd tag number 00027! I popped it on the scale and was impressed with the feather-light 112g on the dial.

Now this is how it’s done!!

Now that's how you pack a saddle

A Weight Weenie pleasing 113g


UPDATE: Ok.. so I’ve had it a few weeks now and although I have been dodging my road bike in favour of the S-Works 29er lately I have had a good few training rides and one 110km race on it too. It’s minimally padded, and the FACT shell is uber stiff, so expect it to be a bit firmer to ride than the standard issue toupe saddles. The shape is great though and it took a little more setting up with the spirit level than you can get away with on the toupe team. Once it’s dialled in right though it’s comfy as you would expect, I find I need to ride a little further back on this one and let me sit bones hit the meat of the padding, whereas I could slide closer to the middle on my older perch and have the flex in the shell add some comfort. Power transfer seems to be good and there is no extra buzz or vibe from the road at all. So far I’m happy as a preverbial pig, and the weight weenie in me is satisfied to boot. Overall it was money well spent. The hardest decision to make when purchasing this beaut is what to do with the leftover box!