My rest week ended on Wednesday where I spun out the acids from the weekend and looked forward to Killarney and the Wednesday night crit. I tried to remain hidden and relax a bit around the course on the night, but when the legs warmed up I couldn’t  help myself than to follow a few moves in attempt to get a good break. it didn’t go my way and the sprint was a dog show, so not a good night all in all, but my legs felt better afterwards for sure.

Crit RSAWEB Swift R838 ISP racing

The following night I planned to ride the TT course in Bervliet with Ed Greene and the UCT guys. I set up my Venge with TT bars and rolled out on my 404 Firecrest wheels and Giro TT helmet. I need to get used to all this gear and find a good position ahead of the TT at Msundusi later this month.

I was feeling pretty comfortable and just left my saddle in the same position as I have it for road racing. Out on my first lap my legs felt cold and the effort stung my thighs, my breathing was elevated and I didn’t  feel strong. My upper body was comfy though. I could tell I needed to slide the saddle forwards though and needed minor adjustments on the bars. I rode a 9:20, 40 secs faster than my 1st ever attempt, and 21 seconds off the long standing course record. While I waited for the others I tuned my bars, saddle and discovered my rear wheel had gone out of true causing the pads to rub generously on the rear pads. I was a little miff, but released the cable tension to open the blocks. I had to give it another go.

I was warmer this time and felt more comfortable, I didn’t go out as hard as before, and also had to narrowly miss a scooter at the 1st set of lights. I was cruising down the back end of the course and watched the time splits working out where I needed to be at certain intervals (while simultaneously killing myself) I was ahead. I again came up on a tricky situation, I had to brake again as some runners and a car forced me almost into the curb at the circle. I was still up and gunned it up the false flat home to end up in 8:52. A new course record. I’ll take that thank you very much 🙂

S-Works Venge TT conversion
My TT converted S-Works Venge