Ok I’m a bit behind on my blog right now, but it’s been flat out racing for the last two months, so it’s time for a bit of catchup.

This is a little back to front time wise but it actually works out perfectly, you’ll see why in a bit…

The team and I drove up to Bloem for OFM weekend, we scampered around town at dinner time and hoped to find a good pasta. We hadn’t eaten since breakfast on the drive and were now beside ourselves. We cruised into the Bloem waterfront, spotted Primi Piatti, and strolled in. It was packed to the rafters (understandably) and we decided to check out the competition nearby to get something sooner. This was perhaps the single biggest mistake of the whole weekend!

We sat down at another restaurant nearby, they advised they were kinda full but could have food out after a short wait. We waited, this was 7:20pm. After getting a round of waters, and an hour later there was still no food. We resorted to eating the biscotti off their closed coffee bar to satisfy the pangs and kept waiting… at just before 9pm we got a little upset, asked if our food was nearly done, but the disappearing waiter kept coming back empty handed – we couldn’t wait anymore (and they were running out of biscotti) so we left money on the table for the water and ninja bombed.

We climbed the stairs straight into Primi Piatti and sat right down at 9pm. Our friendly waitress advised they were close to shutting the kitchen but they could still help us if we ordered quick. We ordered four Recco Con Pollo’s in a heartbeat and got drinks in the short wait. The service was seriously fast and we were elbow deep in fettucini not even 10 minutes later. We realised soon we were going to hit rock bottom on the porcelain and ordered a large pizza to share in between mouthfuls. Another record delivery later and the twirling forks were exchanged for a hands on attack, as slice by slice disappeared.  Meanwhile the bill arrived and we could hightail it out of there to get some sleep before the 4am wake up.

In by 9pm, two main courses done and bill paid and in the car park by 9:30 – Now that was something to behold. Primi Piatti you rocked our worlds.

So… this leads to my next announcement (after realising we couldn’t race without them) that Team RSAWEB will be fuelled up by Primi Piatti for all races from now on, and we’ll never have to endure a culinary nightmare again. Not to mention those morning Primi breakfast rides and cups of coffee, I cant wait to get training!

And just so you know (because I didn’t know either until now) they have a great carbo loading menu and a sweet loyalty program for frequent flyers (that’s the elbows up at the table kind) check the menu out below and visit their website to find out about the Primi Loyalty Card

primi piatti carbo loading pasta menu