Stiff – to sum it up, but there is much more to it than that.

I spent the morning hopping on and off of the Wilier getting my settings dialled in. I was comfortable on it right off the work stand, but for a small amount of require downward nose tilt of my saddle. I could probably have taken it and raced it like that and done a decent job, but the nature of TT and an intricate bike like this deserves finer attention to detail.

I toyed with the handlebar arrangement mostly and sometimes the saddle tilt to suit my bar changes. I mainly rotated the base-bar to a good angle and position on the brakes, from there I set the angle and height of my extensions. I need to cut them shorter by a good 2cm, so I will have more work to do in the garage, but I could get a good sense of where my elbows need to be.

On the ride my legs were toast, but I marvelled at how effortless it felt considering it’s 1.5kg more than my road bike. It’s stiffness in the bottom bracket and solidly planted front end really makes it feel snappier than it should. I stood a fair bit and pumped the pedals and it responded with every pedal stroke. I was also pleased not to be banging my knees up against the bar pads, yes they can touch but only if I stand lazily.

The direct mount front end works brilliantly too, besides the stiffness it was really easy to turn, and I built confidence cornering in the drops with ease, perhaps at time over-steering, but at race pace this wouldn’t be the case.

The brakes have decent modulation, but a very long throw, so a lot of lever movement is required to get them to bite, but once they bite there is a huge amount of stopping power. Given that I will only really need to use them very rarely I’m toying with the idea of removing the rear brake and calliper altogether. The front is powerful enough to do all the stopping I can imagine I would want to do at full cry, and I would only need it now in training for traffic situations I guess.

I hope to spend more time on it this weekend after the tweaks I need to do on the extensions and hopefully get some time in on a hot lap. I changed my elbow angles a fair amount this morning and saw speed losses and gains of nearly 3kmh alone depending on how I rested. I know there is more speed to find.

So far so good!