Since qualifying last November I’ve had my sights set on this one goal. Even SA champs came and went in a blur and was soon enveloped by my third Cape Epic. I took a two week break and then embarked on my training specifically for the event.

World Champs for me means the individual time trial. A 26km all out effort to the fastest on the day. No help. No slipstream. No tactics or any freeloading whatsoever. It’s just me on a bike in the most efficient position I can accomplish. Just one chance.

For the most part winter training was pretty uninterrupted. It did mean long cold rides in the driving rain sometimes but I geared up enough to cope with it without freezing too badly. I felt sorry for my Oltre though. It was a far cry from its sunny Italian heritage climbing glamorous peaks and circumnavigating beautiful lakes. I had to re-lube the bearings only twice and kept the same cables even to race day. I did manage to go through a set of brake pads.

As the day drew closer the nerves kicked in and self doubt set in. My support network included Andy and Uwe that set me back on track at the slightest hesitation. I had done all I could.

The high volume of training and discipline to keep going and not miss a workout meant missing a lot of time with my family. They stood steadfast and unwavering in my support. For this I give thanks.