Cam Wills and I have teamed up in a partnership to raise funds and awareness for cancer through riding our bikes. We will compete in mountain bike races and stage races around South Africa. We call ourselves Team RAC and we’ll be debuting our new kit in the upcoming local stage race, The Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek.

We have been fortunate in our endeavor to receive funding thus far, having received the main start up capital from The John&Sonja Lingos Foundation in the USA. They are oncologists and are pleased to see our efforts in cancer awareness and specifically towards children. We’ll be racing to raise funds for The Children’s Hospital Trust oncology ward.

Cam and I decided to embark on this venture after getting to know each other in the last year or so, we shared a passion for cycling and uncovered more in common with our family history. Cam lost his Mom to cancer not too long ago, I lost my grandfather almost a decade ago and more recently my Mom was diagnosed early with Breast Cancer and was treated successfully. She’s been clear for over five years.

We have had great support from some current and new sponsors that will also be backing us throughout the racing and training we’ll need to get through. FIT Sports Labs will be providing nutrition to keep us performing our best. Rudy Project have provided Genetyk eyewear and Windmax helmets essential for protection. SkullyCandy will keep us in tune with crystal clear audio that is highly productive in distracting your mind to get through the tough training required. will also be on board as advertising and events co-ordinators, a valuable resource in timing our events together.

MTB and especially stage racing is very tough on your body and mind, still only a small fraction of what a cancer patient will go through. Ordinarily you’d find a charity rider taking part in a race, maybe the ABSA Cape Epic stage race too… but rarely will you see a charity rider, racing for the podium positions. This is what Cam and I are aiming to do, be at the front of the pack and getting the coverage the top riders receive from the media.

Cam and I are both over 30, with full time jobs and families, to compete at this level takes massive dedication, self discipline and sacrifice and a good deal of finance. We are not PRO’s we don’t get paid to do any riding and do it simply for the love of the freedom that a bicycle can give. We are still looking for funding to compete and maximize the awareness for the chosen charities, so if you would like to get involved with either sponsorship or make a donation then please get in touch.