This is a follow up review on my original post found here after a few months of good use. As you can tell by the pics they’ve seen a fair bit of action, some tumbles and a bit of walking, some foot downs, mud, dust and river crossings.

Gaerne (2)

The shoe uppers have worn very well, they are extremely easy to clean and a simple wipe down with a damp rag will quickly have them looking good for the next days riding, the obvious discolouration mainly affects the stitching and the softer vented material parts of the tongue and the fine crevices. I specifically didn’t wash these before taking pics as this is the result after a 5 minutes clean up with just a dry rag and some spray on furniture polish. A full dunk and scrub would have them brush up even better. The inner still looks great and the inner soles are hardly showing any signs of wear or depressions in the foam. The ratchets have not been clogged or gritty and clear easy after a few turns once mud dries on them.

Gaerne (3)

The pic above shows the outers on the sides and this is where I’ve noticed the only real weakness of the shoe, on the front outer just above the sole the leather upper is most exposed and has been subjected to some gravel time in my recent offs. Even a passing rock scrape will hit this area and invariably take off some paint. It is mainly cosmetic but after some time eventually the leather will begin to wear thin. The heel carbon plates and plastic cups surrounding it have taken some knocks too so they are placed well to provide protection as well as a good tight fit in the heel. I will probably try touch up the front end and find some protection that may save them a bit better.

Gaerne (4)

In my initial findings I was impressed with the coverage of the sole grippers and in particular their protection of the carbon sole, no change here, and interesting to note that the soles still look great and should stay that way for a good long time. When you have a good looking shoe and want to show off the stiff carbon soles then it’s nice to know that they wont look like wire brushed plastic after just a few rides. In terms of the actual pads, they are firm so they may not grip the best on wet rock portages, but the longevity means your cleat setup will be consistent. Ive also never had trouble get in and out of my pedals or finding the cleat in a hurry. I’ve also heard shoes rattle from the cleat plates before and will note that these are perfectly silent.

In the pic above you can see that the heel cup bulges predominately on the inside… it may be more of a Q-Factor thing or frame specific, as my Methanol FS chainstays swing out quite wide, so I’ve clipped my stays quite a bit lately, and added some frame protectors in the area that’s getting scuffed. No big deal but worth a mention.

Gaerne (1)

Overall performance has been top notch as one could expect, the stiff carbon soles transfer power perfectly and they have been very comfortable. Since it’s winter here they have been soaked through numerous times and dry overnight with a stuffing of newspaper ready for the next days ride. Tension and placement of the boa straps is ideal and they don’t pinch or create uneven pressure. After ratcheting up pre-ride they seem to ease off in tension during the ride and once or twice I may add a click or two more tension, but they never lose complete tension or pop loose.

They still look as good on as the day I got them and I look forward to many more comfortable and speedy miles ahead 🙂