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2 thoughts on “Gallery

    1. Hi Jason

      Thanks for reading my blog.

      With regards to the bike vs bike. I rode Specialized for three years and always had the Tarmac, I loved the bike’s handling and acceleration. I come from a motorcycling background and so I am fast in the corners and lean my bikes hard, change directions quickly and brake late, I love descending and the Tarmac always felt surefooted. Especially when they changed the lower bearing to 1.5 in.

      I took a long time to choose another brand, and did not test ride the Oltre before buying it. I was riding a Venge at the time (which has the same geometry as the tarmac) but I wanted something lighter. The fact that the Oltre was also Semi-Aero was a bonus.

      The steering geometry was priority one for me – so when I saw that the 55 vs 57 Oltre went from 73deg to 72.5deg at the head tube, I knew I wanted the 57. The geometry over the rest of the bike just worked out perfectly – I wanted to go up to a 56 Tarmac but it was a step too far so I rode a size down, the 54. The Oltre was in between.

      You’ve read my blog, the Oltre handles like a razor blade, and I have subsequently re-ridden the tarmac and it feels duller in comparison. The rear of the Oltre is more forgiving that the Venge by far, and is similar to the smoothness of the Tarmac which flexes at the seatpost, but the Oltre has an aero post and is forgiving in the seatstays. The Oltre is strikingly stiff at the BB and the quality of the finish on the Bianchi stands apart, I always had small paint bleeds and blemishes on the Spez that you just don’t see on the Bianchi. The Carbon-Ti finishing kit is a great addition and keeps the overall weight low as well as perfectly complimenting the bike.

      If I had to choose again I’d get the Oltre in a heartbeat. There is something about its heritage that “feels” different and special.

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